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Roman Catholic church of Joakym and Anna

Roman Catholic church of Joakym and Anna


Опис продукту

(1752). History of the Roman Catholic Community in Volodymyr-Volynskyi goes back to the 13th century. German, Czecj and Polish merchants used to inhabit the Galytskyi-Volyn Princedom. St. Mary’s Church was erected for Catholicons (not preserved). The amount of Catholicons increases in the middle 14th century when the Volyn belonged to Lithuania and Poland. Most of Catholicons were the Poles. For lots of centuries, till the end of the Second World War, there was a large Catholic Community in Volodymyr-Volynskyi. In 1371 the Catholic Episcopacy was established in Volodymyr. First Catholic Bishop was St. Peter from the Order of Dominicans. In the 16th century Princess Hanna of Zbarazh sponsored the building of St. Jochem’s and St. Anne’s wooden Catholic Church, supported by Martin-Bozhidar Pidgorodnenskyi (buried in the church as a patron). But the wooden church was burnt down in early 17th century. The building of St. Jochem’s and St. Anne’s brick Catholic Church began in the 18th century with the active support of Adam Oranski, the Bishop of Lutsk. The church was sanctified in 1752 and acted initially as a parish church. Part of alters were used by Capuchin monks since their monastery was located nearby (now there are only walls preserved).

In late 18th century the Polish King Stanislaw August Poniatowski visited the city and the church.

Citizens of Volodymyr tell a legend that treasures of Polish Kings were kept inside the church. When the Red Army under the command of Budyonnyi passed through the city the soldiers believed that it was true and even tried to find treasures in the dungeons.

In 1947 the church was closed by the Soviet regime and later it was used as a furniture store and a café. Precious oak banks and the organ were removed from the building. In 1991 the church was return to Roman Catholicons and now it is active.


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