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was erected in 1780s. Initially it was used as a chapel of St. Josafat, the Greek Catholic priest whose life is tightly related to Volodymyr-Volynskyi. He was known to the ordinary people as Ivan Kuntsevych (1580–1623). His father, Gavrylo Kuntsevych, was a shoe-maker. Parental house was located in the area Zapiatnyche, just near the current location of St. Nicolas Church. In 1614 he became an archimandrite of the monastery and in 1617 he was appointed as Assistant Bishop. He died as a martyr in 1623. On the 29th of June 1867 the Pope Pius the Ninth signed a Decree under which Josafat Kuntsevych was numbered with the saints. In 1949 his relics were reburied inside the Roman pope’s basilica near St. Peter’s grave in Vatican. His relatives sold to Porfirius Skarbka Wazhynski (a local Greek Catholic archimandrite) the land plot where Josafat’s parental house was located. Under his order St. Josafat’s Chapel was erected in 1780. It used to be a chapel for 15 years. Since 1795 it belonged to the Orthodox Church and in 1800 it was sanctified as St. Nicolas Church. It was a main church of the city till 1900 because Uspenskiy (St. Dormition) Church was semi-destroyed and unsuitable for services. Later it was a cemetery chapel. According to Oleksandr Tsynkalovskyi, in 1915 it was the only church in Volodymyr where services were held in Ukrainian. As told by veterans, in 1930s it functioned as Greek Catholic Church. In 1991 the church was returned to the Orthodox Community and the bell tower was restored in early 2000s.


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