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(13th – 14th centuries). According to the local legend, the church was built by Volodymyr Sviatoslavovych, the Prince of Kyiv. In late 10th century Prince Volodymyr and his troops returned from the Carpathians where they captured White Croatians. Prince stayed for a rest in our town and ordered his warriors to erect the church as a gratitude to the God for successful campaign. The warriors erected the church for one day. Since Prince Volodymyr had a christening name of Basil, the church was devoted to St. Basil. Now the researchers of ancient architecture state that St. Basil’s Church was erected in late 13th – early 14th centuries, i.e. for the period of Galytskyi-Volyn Princedom. But this ancient temple has many other secrets. In particular, in early 20th century there was discovered a slate board with the phrase “God Save the Prince”, dated 1194 (in the northern portal). During the First World War the board was transferred to Zagreb (Croatia) and now it is kept in the Museum of Zagreb University. This area is called Mykhailivshchyna, since there was St. Michael’s the Archangel’s Monastery stated in the Galytskyi-Volyn chronicles.

In 1958 professor M. Karger detected the foundation of the older rotunda church.


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